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What to write on a Father’s Day Card

Writing on a Father’s Day card can be challenging. It's is a fine balance between being fun, respectful, fulfilling the obligation and saying how you really feel. 

Father / child relationships can be challenging. There can be some tough memories to confront.

Our advice when considering what to write on a Father’s Day card is to think about what you would want discovered on the card years later. Since many cards are kept in boxes for sometime in the future, think about what you would like to be the memory shared.

Stuck on what to write? Click here for some suggestions.

Here is our advice on what to write on a Father’s Day card. But, first, be ready. 

  • Be in a good head space.
  • Try and think about the whole relationship.
  • Think about you and think about your dad.
  • Think about what your dad may need right now.
  • Think about what you need right now from giving the card. 

How to actually write on a Father’s Day card. Take a blank sheet of paper and work out the words you want to write. It is best that you test this on blank paper rather than the card itself. Think about the pen you want to use as well as the words and where you will place them on the card.

Father’s Day rituals. Here are some Father’s Day rituals that involve Father’s Day cards in helping people to process the situations in which they find themselves. 

  • For a dad who has passed away. If your dad has passed and you feel sadness or pain from this. Consider writing on a Father’s Day card each year as a ritual to celebrate what they meant to you, to appreciate them even though they are not with you.
  • For a dad you did / do not get along with. You could think of one thing, one happy memory and celebrate that, write about it on a card, and not send the card. Or, you could write what you wish for, and not send the card. The process could provide some comfort.
  • For a dad you never knew. You could write on the card to the dad you never knew what you’d like them to know about you. The ritual of this being written on a Father’s Day card could help you find comfort.

Who can you give a Father’s Day card to? This is an interesting question. The truth is, you can give a Father’s Day card top anyone you like. Of course, there is your dad. You could also give a Father’s Day card to your grandfather, step-dad, uncle, coach, friend, neighbour, mum, brother. Give a Father’s Day card to anyone you would like to appreciate on father’s Day.

Father’s Day is commercial for sure. However, it is here and well established. For relationships that are often not overly emotional or flowery it is an opportunity to reflect, appreciate and celebrate and for that the day does have purpose in family calendars.

If you send a card, thank you. Whatever the day means to you, we hope it is enjoyable and helpful to you and those you care about.