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What to write on a Sympathy card

What should I write on a sympathy card?


What to write on a sympathy card is a challenge. For many, the challenge is so great that they decide to no send a sympathy card.

We’d like to help you work out what to write on a sympathy card, because it matters to the life that has passed, those mourning loss and to you and how you see yourself. 

Take a moment to think about the person who passed and those they left behind. In that quiet reflection think about what you would like those mourning to know from you years into the future when they look at the sympathy card again.  Because … cards last longer than the moment they are given. They are time capsule of sorts. 

So, our advice is to think of the life that has passed, what they meant to you, what they meant to others. Think about a story you could share, a memory, that could be a comfort. 

What you write on a sympathy card does not need to be complex or over written, it does not need to be a piece of literature.

 Write from the heart. Write for the person the card is for. Write to comfort them, to acknowledge their loss. Given them some words of comfort that they will appreciate now and in the future when they look at your sympathy card again. It’s okay to be funny if that relates to the memories you share. It is also okay to be sad. The key is to be authentic.

 Yes, what you write on a sympathy card matters for the long term as people often keep sympathy cards for future reflection and reminiscence.

 It could be as simple as sorry for your loss through to something considerably longer. Take your time. Write from your heart knowing that your own words could be the comfort that helps them through today and words that bring warm memories years later.

 Sympathy cards are an important part of the expression of grief and loss at an emotional time. Often, people can say in a card things they may be uncomfortable saying in person or by a text message.

 Your sympathy card, placed on a mantlepiece with other sympathy cards, becomes part of a memorial to the life list.

 Take your time. You’ve got this. Your personal words matter most when you are writing on a sympathy card.